The Evolution Controversy
A Survey of Competing Theories


Thomas Fowler & Daniel Kuebler

An impartial, objective look at the controversy swirling around the subject of evolution. A book intended to make informed readers who can investigate the myriad claims made on all sides of the evolution debate, and then come to their own reasoned conclusions.


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Welcome to author Tom Fowler's website to accompany The Evolution Controversy, A Survey of Competing Theories!  This web site makes available supplemental material that could not be included in the book due to space or scope limitations.  It is intended for those who have read about certain subjects in the book and who would like more detailed information.  In most cases the availability of supplemental information is indicated by a footnote in the text of the book. Also available is general information about the book and why it was written, how you can purchase a copy, and some information about a follow-on book now being written that will survey religious and philosophical interpretations of evolution in the same objective manner. The material on this website represents the opinions of author Thomas Fowler only. Please begin by making your choice with the buttons to the left.